Aperio® E100 Escutcheon

Secure your interior doors cable-free with certified DIN/EN escutcheons. Aperio escutcheons have integrated RFID readers. Versions with and without PINpad, as well as with and without privacy function, are available

E100 Escutcheon is a popular choice for internal doors receiving medium to high traffic. Aperio E100 Escutcheons offer a convenient combination of free exit from the inside with automatic locking on closure from outside. An inbuilt LED provides instant lock status visualisation.

The escutcheon’s outside handle rotates freely, while the interior handle remains engaged. RFID and radio electronics are housed in the exterior handle. Security-relevant electronics live on the inside. Communications between escutcheon and hub, and from there to the electronic access system, are powered by RS485 bus or TCP/IP network.

The Aperio Escutcheon offers several smart credential handling options to enable emergency access in case of a communications failure with the access control. Up to 1,000 recently presented valid credentials can be cached automatically for up to 30 days, for user convenience and so the door may be opened without security administrator intervention. Alternatively the access control system can load, modify and delete credentials to the units for the same purpose with time limitation or permanently.

It can work with an online system or as an offline escutcheon. This is decided during the product initialisation. When connected online, communication is via the communication hubs to the online access control system, where access decisions are made. Additional advantages of Aperio Online management include real-time control over doors and the instant availability of audit trails for any lock or site user.

The Aperio E100 Premium Escutcheon complies with requirements for many types of buildings, including schools, stadiums and public institutions, where products must be certified to DIN or EN standards (DIN 18273; EN 179, 1906). It can be used with all European (DIN) mortice locks, in wooden, steel and tubular-framed doors, and is compatible with all leading RFID technologies. Ingress protection is certified as IP54.

The Aperio PINpad adds multi-factor authentication to the Aperio E100 Escutcheon. With the Aperio PINpad Escutcheon, administrators can set three different levels of authentication: PIN only, RFID only or PIN+RFID.

The Aperio PINpad Escutcheon can also support Duress Code function for added security, where available with your specific system integration. With Duress Code enabled, a silent hold-up alarm triggers in the security centre if, in a threatening situation, a credential-holder uses their access card along with an attack code instead of her/his own PIN.

As well as being quick and easy to install, Aperio escutcheons are cost-efficient to run, using standard batteries rather than an expensive, always-on mains connection demanded by wired access doors.

The Aperio E100 is compatible with multiple RFID technologies, including iCLASS®/ISO14443B, iCLASS®SE, Seos®, MIFARE®Classic, Plus EV1, DESFire EV1, SE and Legic®.

For all product options and detailed technical information, check the product catalogue.

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