Aperio® for Commercial Premises

Wireless locks to extend your access system to more doors

Where is Aperio used?

  • Small and large retail premises, inc. shopping centres   
  • Warehouses and logistics sites   
  • Mixed-use commercial/office complexes

Who is considered?

  • Managers/Supervisors   
  • Security Managers   
  • Temporary/Permanent Staff   
  • Suppliers/Cleaning staff

Common Challenges

Security needs change regularly, so you need flexible access control to bring new doors into your access system almost on demand. Your site has a combination of cylinder- and escutcheon-based locking. Your most secure areas require high-security locks and/or multi-factor authentication. Offline and online access control may be required.

Aperio solution

With Aperio wireless, battery-powered locks you can extend an existing access system or install access control from scratch. Additional features/products adapted to this sector include:

  • Combine online and offline management in the same installation
  • Escutcheon with optional PINpad for multi-factor authentication
  • Wireless Aperio locks for security and fire doors


Company Type:
Innovation centre

London, UK


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